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The CDI Livescan Enhanced Workstation that is...

LiveScan USA was approached by Computer Deductions Inc (CDI) a designer/consultant for DOJ for livescan interface technology since 1993. CDI introduced LiveScan USA to CLEW an applicant fingerprint application that they had developed.

Livescan device manufacturers are alike - right? WRONG! In California NOT ONE device manufacturer rolls out software updates to existing owners (except recently when people had to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP). The change orders they implement are provided to NEW PURCHASERS, and systems sold last week, or last year don't get upgraded.

CDI is the FIRST to implement an automatic update - similar to updating CALDOJ Validation Tables, CLEW downloads and updates automatically, through a subscription service. CDI has also implemented a "resubmission" protocol that allows the operator to reprocess an applicant by selecting the record and re-capturing fingerprints - it goes as far as pulling the Original ATI into the resubmission record automatically.

While these revolutionary traits can only be found in CLEW - it also has the ability to use many of the USB scanners used by their competition - like the Crossmatch Guardian, Crossmatch Patrol, Futronic FS60, and the lightweight Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini (and more to come!)

This allows facilities using a system from Biometrics4All, Certifix, Fulcrum, or Crossmatch to use their existing hardware with CLEW for little or NO UP FRONT COSTS!

Of course we save the best for last - here is a photo of the CLEW on a Microsoft Surface Tablet, making it the most light-weight livescan device on the market - at less than 2 lbs (with power adapter for the Surface Tablet).

CLEW is available for the low cost of $3500 (with the Surface), or $2500 (with a Dell laptop). Check out our flyer - GET A CLEW!!!

Contact us at 888-793-1112, Option 2 to get further information, or Contact us by email using our link on the CONTACT US page.