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LiveScan USA's Affiliate Program - Business Opportunities in all 50 states!

We know you need to make a substantial investment in equipment, but will you generate enough income to pay for the equipment, personnel and costs associated with your investment? If you’d like to earn more, we have an opportunity for you. Check out these two new programs for our network partners: the Affiliate Referral Program and the Affiliate Centralized Billing Program. You can participate in one, both or neither. How much money do YOU want to make?

LiveScan USA's call center offers free referrals for clients needing service in YOUR area. Being an Affiliate of LiveScan USA has its privileges... and the best one - is money in your pocket. This FREE service is provided to you, our partner, just for being a participant in the LiveScan USA Network. Only facilities on the LiveScan USA network can benefit from these exclusive programs.***

ALSO: LiveScan USA has corporate clients that want to be billed for services in your area. Their only problem is they don’t want to be limited to one location and sometimes one STATE. Some of these companies and government contractors have a need for facilities throughout the US, but still want to only receive one invoice for services, not an invoice from each different facility.

LiveScan USA is opening facilities in ALL 50 states for FBI ELECTRONIC fingerprint submission. Regardless of where you are - YOU TOO CAN OPERATE A LIVESCAN FACILITY and submit to the FBI for various applications.

Our affiliates provide the data for invoicing twice a month, and LiveScan USA provides centralized billing to the client.

This is where we need your help. Our network of affiliates can use some expansion in your area. If you’d like this increase in business, please consider joining the LiveScan USA Network.  

Besides being a channeling-provider with service that no other provider can even come close to touching, our affiliates have formed a cooperative network to provide livescan service. They aren’t competitors – they are partners.

We want you to succeed – so we want to send you business – does your channeling-provider do that for you?

For more information on this growing business, feel free to contact us.

Affiliates: You can now access our secure site at Google Groups ---> LiveScan USA Affiliate Network