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  Total Support Center

LiveScan USA is a provider of the premier service: Total Support Center. This All-in-One Support Center reduces your technical support calls from 3 to 1.

Most livescan facilities, when approached with a transmission problem have to contact up to THREE different entities for technical support to track down, isolate, and fix problems. These options are: the livescan device manufacturer, the channeling-provider, and the state or Federal AFIS. WHY GET PASSED AROUND, AND GET FRUSTRATED?

REMEMBER: LiveScan USA has a vested interest in YOUR continued operation and success. If you don't get paid, neither do we!

The best advantage of using LiveScan USA? You only need to make ONE call. Since we have experience as a livescan provider, we can help fix your problem, whether it is with your device, or your connection to the appropriate AFIS network. We have checks in place to see where your transmission is lost, and what can be done to fix the problem. Since we also set-up, and train facility staff, we are familiar with all the different types of equipment that you may use to connect through our network. If we don't know your system, then we wouldn't allow it to connect to the LiveScan USA Network until we are familiar with it's support and technical needs.

Our Total Support Center also provides support for the Installation and Training for your livescan device. Our technician will install it in your office and train the staff in its operation. Remember - we started as a livescan facility in 2000 and when we sold the business in January 2006, it had been processing 800 applicants a MONTH for 3 years... who better to train you on the applicant process than someone who has actually done what you are trying to do. Don't get only half-trained...get fully trained!

LiveScan USA is certified by these device manufacturers: CDI, Cross Match Technologies,3M Cogent and Fulcrum Biometrics.

With this partnership, LiveScan USA can provide technical support for your CDI, Cross Match, 3M Cogent, and Fulcrum Biometrics equipment (24 hours a day), besides the added-value training and On-site Installation we have provided in the past.

In order to have 24/7 technical support supplied by LiveScan USA your service provider must be LiveScan USA.

For more information on this growing business, feel free to contact us.