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Why LiveScan USA? - 

The Advantages of LiveScan USA:

Let's face it - you want the most for your money, and the only way to succeed is to learn from someone who has been there. Would you buy a car from a salesman who doesn't know how to drive? That is exactly what will happen if you choose a channeling provider other than LiveScan USA.

LiveScan USA is the ONLY channeling agency that covers ALL 50 states, thanks to our partnerships. We are opening opportunities for business owners in every state, and for those states that also have state-mandates fingerprint background checks, we are getting certified to provide channeling services in those states as they come online. We DO NOT work with a specific livescan device manufacturer, because not all livescan devices are certified to work in each state. This allows LiveScan USA to be able to tailor and advise each livescan facility owner in the best and most reliable system for their needs.

ONLY Affiliates of LiveScan USA can process FBI-ONLY electronic submissions through our exclusive contract. Our premier service is delivering non-criminal fingerprint-based background check services though our authorized FBI channeler, ID Solutions, a division of TRP Associates, LLC. Of 2,000+ companies offering background checks, we’ve partnered up with one of the elite few firms qualified to exchange information electronically with the FBI.

LiveScan USA is opening facilities in ALL 50 states for FBI ELECTRONIC fingerprint submission. Regardless of where you are - YOU TOO CAN OPERATE A LIVESCAN FACILITY and submit to the FBI for various applications.

Our success is tied to YOUR success!

Here is what you get from ONLY LiveScan USA:

* 24 hour technical support
* Additional training other than the manufacturers training
* Training in State-Specific or FBI Applicant procedures
* Referrals from our call-center
* Referrals from our website, including access to an online Appointment Manager
* Access to other Livescan facilities
* Marketing Workshop (to get an edge over your competition)
* Additional business from our state-wide clients

And of course the one thing that no one can do unless they have run a livescan facility:

**Answers to those "How Do I…", "What should I do about…", or "Where can I find…" questions.

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